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Zoe Mulford: Postcards (Blog)

Come See Everything

Posted on February 13, 2010 with 0 comments

In the spring of 2006, my spouse took a position in England at the University of Manchester. In June, I arrived in the UK to join him. My general plan was to take the British folk music scene by storm while keeping in touch with my friends and fans in America by posting a blog.

That’s the beginning of the story. Fast forward to 2010. I have been keeping a journal and taking pictures as often as I remembered to carry the camera (until the camera was lost in an airport) but never got off the ground posting them. What I have now is the electronic equivalent of a shoebox full of snapshots and half-finished postcards.

In Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children, one of the bit players is a Delhi peep-show man. All over India, Rushdie explains, peep-show men invite patrons to “Come see Delhi!” The vendor whose patrons see Delhi every day of their lives faces a marketing challenge, so Rushdie’s peep-show man calls “Come see Everything!” He then becomes obsessed with delivering on his promise, putting more and more postcards into his box so that his patrons can, in fact, see Everything.

I have an unfortunate tendency, when I write, to try to include Everything. Most of my songs start about 8 pages long and are painstakingly pared down. Since this is a bad way to approach a blog, I’ll see what I can do by working through the shoebox.

So here it is. My life on two continents. Pictures, sketches, whatever happens to be in front of my nose. Postcards.

Wish you were here.