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Zoe Mulford: Postcards (Blog)

Out and About: Topic Folk Club (Click Header for Full Entry)

Posted on February 22, 2010 with 0 comments

I am testing the proposition that renting a car periodically will allow me to do the legwork I need to do while being cheaper than owning one. Unfortunately this means that I have more to say about getting to the Topic Folk Club than I do about the very enjoyable evening at the club itself.

Google says 2 hours to Bradford. Dithering over my packing, I fail to leave as planned by 3 in the afternoon and get out the door at 4 during rush hour. Three hours later, I arrive in the outskirts of Bradford, where I promptly get lost among some of the worst sprawl I’ve encountered in England - swooping 4-lane roads, tangled roundabouts, and endless shopping malls. I pull over and call the Bradford Irish Club, but I can’t explain to the landlord where exactly I am (“a Tesco on the ring road”), so he tells me the name of the neighborhood where the club is and a prominent local landmark nearby. This enables me to follow signs to the right general area, where I park and finally find the club on foot. I arrive at the club at 8, half an hour before the music starts.

The evening’s guests are PJ Wright and Tom Leary, old hands on the folk beat and true showmen. I head home laden with copies of Stirrings and Tykes News detailing upcoming events in Yorkshire.